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(edit) @4884   5 months hellstea Last commit fixed
(edit) @4883   5 months hellstea user switch for particle coupling added
(edit) @4865   6 months schwenkel Remove unnecessary interface decalrations and public statments for …
(edit) @4843   6 months raasch local namelist parameter added to switch off the module although the …
(edit) @4842   7 months raasch reading of namelist file and actions in case of namelist errors …
(edit) @4828   7 months Giersch Copyright updated to year 2021, interface pmc_sort removed to …
(edit) @4778   9 months raasch first preliminary version for output of particle data time series
(edit) @4731   10 months schwenkel Move exchange_horiz from time_integration to modules
(edit) @4673   11 months schwenkel bugfix in case of mpi-restarts
(edit) @4671   11 months pavelkrc Radiative transfer model RTM version 4.1
(edit) @4648   11 months raasch files re-formatted to follow the PALM coding standard
(edit) @4629   12 months raasch support for MPI Fortran77 interface (mpif.h) removed
(edit) @4628   12 months raasch extensions required for MPI-I/O of particle data to restart files
(edit) @4616   12 months schwenkel Bugfix in case of strechting: k-calculation limited lower bound of 1
(edit) @4589   13 months suehring remove unused variable
(edit) @4588   13 months suehring Simplify particle-speed interpolation in logarithmic layer
(edit) @4585   13 months suehring Limit logarithmically interpolated particle speed to the velocity …
(edit) @4546   14 months raasch Variables iran and iran_part completely removed, added I/O of parallel …
(edit) @4545   14 months schwenkel Add gaussian random number generator to parallel random generator and …
(edit) @4535   15 months raasch bugfix for restart data format query
(edit) @4520   15 months schwenkel add error number
(edit) @4517   15 months raasch added restart with MPI-IO for reading local arrays
(edit) @4495   16 months raasch restart data handling with MPI-IO added, first part
(edit) @4471   16 months schwenkel Bugfix in lpm_droplet_interactions_ptq
(edit) @4457   17 months raasch ghost point exchange modularized, bugfix for wrong 2d-exchange
(edit) @4444   17 months raasch bugfix: cpp-directives for serial mode added
(edit) @4430   17 months suehring Lagrangian particle model: Bugfix in logarithmic interpolation of …
(edit) @4360   19 months suehring Bugfix in output of time-averaged plant-canopy quanities; Output of …
(edit) @4346   20 months motisi Introduction of wall_flags_total_0, which currently sets bits based on …
(edit) @4336   20 months raasch bugfix: wrong header output of particle group features (density ratio) …
(edit) @4329   20 months motisi Renamed wall_flags_0 to wall_flags_static_0
(edit) @4282   21 months schwenkel Bugfix of particle timeseries in case of more than one particle group
(edit) @4277   21 months schwenkel Bugfix for last commit: Added flag in use statement
(edit) @4276   21 months schwenkel modularize lpm code components of time integration
(edit) @4275   21 months schwenkel move call of lpm at the end of intermediate timeloop and improve …
(edit) @4232   23 months knoop Bugfix: wrong placement of INCLUDE "mpif.h" fixed.
(edit) @4195   2 years schwenkel Bugfix for simple_corrector interpolation method in case of ocean runs …
(edit) @4182   2 years scharf - corrected "Former revisions" section - minor formatting in "Former …
(edit) @4180   2 years scharf removed comments in 'Former revisions' section that are older than …
(edit) @4168   2 years suehring Replace get_topography_top_index functions by pre-calculated arrays in …
(edit) @4145   2 years schwenkel Some reformatting
(edit) @4144   2 years raasch relational operators .EQ., .NE., etc. replaced by ==, /=, etc.
(edit) @4143   2 years schwenkel Rename variable and change select case to if statement
(edit) @4122   2 years schwenkel Implement reset method as bottom boundary condition
(edit) @4121   2 years schwenkel Implementation of an simple method for interpolating the velocities to …
(edit) @4114   2 years schwenkel Bugfix: Added working precision
(edit) @4054   2 years raasch bugfix for calculating the minimum particle time step
(edit) @4044   2 years schwenkel Bugfix in case of grid strecting: corrected calculation of k-Index
(edit) @4043   2 years schwenkel further modularization of lpm and delete min_nr_particle
(edit) @4028   2 years schwenkel Further modularization of particle code components
(edit) @4020   2 years schwenkel removing submodules
(edit) @4018   2 years schwenkel bugfix for last commit
(add) @4017   2 years schwenkel Modularization of all lagrangian particle model code components
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