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(edit) @4828   9 months Giersch Copyright updated to year 2021, interface pmc_sort removed to …
(edit) @4674   12 months pavelkrc Update ACC directives for downward facing USM and LSM surfaces
(edit) @4671   12 months pavelkrc Radiative transfer model RTM version 4.1
(edit) @4583   15 months raasch files re-formatted to follow the PALM coding standard
(edit) @4360   21 months suehring Bugfix in output of time-averaged plant-canopy quanities; Output of …
(edit) @4346   21 months motisi Introduction of wall_flags_total_0, which currently sets bits based on …
(edit) @4329   22 months motisi Renamed wall_flags_0 to wall_flags_static_0
(edit) @4182   2 years scharf - corrected "Former revisions" section - minor formatting in "Former …
(edit) @4180   2 years scharf removed comments in 'Former revisions' section that are older than …
(edit) @3655   3 years knoop Bugfix: made "unit" and "found" intend INOUT in module interface …
(edit) @3634   3 years knoop OpenACC port for SPEC
(edit) @3547   3 years suehring variable description added some routines
(edit) @3241   3 years raasch various changes to avoid compiler warnings (mainly removal of unused …
(edit) @2718   4 years maronga deleting of deprecated files; headers updated where needed
(edit) @2716   4 years kanani Correction of "Former revisions" section
(edit) @2696   4 years kanani Merge of branch palm4u into trunk
(edit) @2638   4 years raasch bugfix for cases with constant top momentumflux
(edit) @2233   4 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @2232   4 years suehring Adjustments according new topography and surface-modelling concept …
(edit) @2119   5 years raasch last commit documented
(edit) @2118   5 years raasch all OpenACC directives and related parts removed from the code
(edit) @2101   5 years suehring last commit documented
(edit) @2038   5 years knoop last commit documented
(edit) @2037   5 years knoop Anelastic approximation implemented
(edit) @2001   5 years knoop last commit documented
(edit) @2000   5 years knoop Forced header and separation lines into 80 columns
(edit) @1874   5 years maronga last commit documented
(copy) @1873   5 years maronga revised renaming of modules
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(edit) @1851   5 years maronga last commit documented
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