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(edit) @3767   4 years raasch unused variables removed from rrd-subroutines parameter list
(edit) @3738   4 years suehring clean-up debug prints
(edit) @3737   4 years suehring Enable initialization of chemistry variables via dynamic input file; …
(edit) @3719   4 years kanani Correct and clean-up cpu_logs, some overlapping counts …
(edit) @3700   4 years knoop Moved user_define_netdf_grid into user_module.f90 Added module …
(edit) @3687   4 years knoop Moved all user routunes that are dependencies of the PALM core only, …
(edit) @3685   4 years knoop Some interface calls moved to module_interface + cleanup
(edit) @3664   4 years forkel Replaced misplaced location message by @todo
(edit) @3654   4 years suehring Disable misplaced location message in chemistry_model_mod
(edit) @3652   4 years forkel Checks added for chemistry mechanism, parameter chem_mechanism added
(edit) @3646   4 years kanani Bugfix: replace simulated_time by time_since_reference_point where required
(edit) @3643   4 years knoop Bugfix: set found logical correct in chem_data_output_2d
(edit) @3638   4 years forkel chemistry_model_mod: Added missing conversion factor fr2ppm for qvap
(edit) @3637   4 years knoop M Makefile
(edit) @3636   4 years raasch nopointer option removed
(edit) @3611   4 years banzhafs chem_emissions_mod and chem_modules update to comply PALM coding rules
(edit) @3600   4 years banzhafs chemistry_model_mod code update to comply PALM coding rules
(edit) @3586   4 years forkel Changed character length of name in species_def and photols_def to 15
(edit) @3570   4 years kanani Fix too long lines (chemistry_model_mod, chem_emissions_mod), correct …
(edit) @3543   4 years suehring changes from last commit documented
(edit) @3542   4 years suehring Revise ghost point exchange in netcdf-data input; new routine for …
(edit) @3524   4 years raasch unused variables removed, missing working precision added, missing …
(edit) @3458   4 years kanani Reintegrated fixes/changes from branch chemistry
(edit) @3449   4 years suehring Branch resler -r 3439 re-integrated into current trunk: RTM 3.0, …
(edit) @3435   4 years gronemeier new: terrain-following masked output; bugfixes: increase vertical …
(edit) @3373   4 years kanani Fix cpp directives and error messages
(edit) @3318   4 years sward Fixed faulty syntax in message string
(copy) @3298   4 years kanani Merge chemistry branch at r3297 to trunk
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