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(edit) @392   12 years raasch New: --- Adapted for machine lck (mrun, mbuild, subjob) bc_lr/bc_ns …
(edit) @336   12 years raasch several small bugfixes; some more dvrp changes
(edit) @276   12 years raasch bugfix and change concerning particle advection
(edit) @275   12 years raasch bugfix in message call for MPI_ABORT
(edit) @274   12 years heinze Indentation of the message calls corrected
(edit) @264   12 years raasch new dvrp features added
(edit) @263   12 years heinze Output of NetCDF messages with aid of message handling routine.
(edit) @262   12 years raasch further updates for dvr output, bugfix in advec_particles concerning …
(edit) @230   12 years heinze Output of messages replaced by message handling routine
(edit) @229   12 years raasch bugfixes concerning particle tails
(edit) @226   12 years raasch preparations for the next release
(edit) @212   13 years raasch manual updated for changes in the user interface
(edit) @198   13 years raasch file headers updated for the next release 3.5
(edit) @150   13 years raasch particle advection allowed for ocean runs
(edit) @139   14 years raasch New: --- Plant canopy model of Watanabe (2004,BLM 112,307-341) added. …
(edit) @119   14 years raasch small bugfixes in SGS part of adved_particles
(edit) @116   14 years raasch further preliminary updates concerning particle sorting and documentation
(edit) @114   14 years raasch preliminary updates for implementing buildings in poismg
(edit) @110   14 years raasch New: --- Allows runs for a coupled atmosphere-ocean LES, coupling …
(edit) @106   14 years raasch preliminary update of bugfixes and extensions for non-cyclic BCs
(edit) @98   14 years raasch updating comments and rc-file
(edit) @95   14 years raasch further preliminary uncomplete changes for ocean version
(edit) @82   14 years raasch vorlaeufige Standalone-Version fuer Linux-Cluster
(edit) @77   14 years raasch New: --- particle reflection from vertical walls implemented, …
(edit) @75   14 years raasch preliminary update for changes concerning non-cyclic boundary conditions
(edit) @64   14 years raasch sendrecv adjustments in advec_particles
(edit) @63   14 years raasch preliminary changes concerning update of BC-scheme
(edit) @60   14 years raasch preliminary update of further changes, running
(edit) @59   14 years raasch preliminary update of further changes, not running
(edit) @57   14 years raasch preliminary update of further changes, advec_particles is not running!
(edit) @39   14 years raasch comments prepared for 3.1c
(edit) @16   14 years raasch bugfixes in advec_particles and init_particles
(edit) @15   14 years raasch flush call removed from advec_particles
(edit) @13   14 years raasch flush calls adjusted
(edit) @4   14 years raasch Id keyword set as property for all *.f90 files
(edit) @3   14 years raasch RCS Log replace by Id keyword, revision history cleaned up
(add) @1   14 years raasch Initial repository layout and content
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