PALM a parallelized LES model


Current model version:               3.5
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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Basic techniques of the LES model and its parallelization

3.0 Execution of model runs

3.1 Job control with mrun
3.2 Example of a minimum configuration file
3.3 Initialization and restart runs
3.4 Input and output files
3.5 Programming of user-defined code extensions

3.5.1 Interfaces for user-defined  code
3.5.2 Definition of user-defined parameters
3.5.3 Definition of user-defined subdomains

3.5.4 User-defined output quantities
3.5.5 Compiling and linking user-defined code

3.6 Interactive mode and debugging
3.7 Optional software packages
3.8 Coupled model runs
3.9 Setup for turbulent inflow

4.0 Steering parameters

4.1 Initialization parameters
4.2 Runtime parameters and package parameters
4.3 User-defined parameters
4.4 Examples of parameter sets

  4.4.1 A minimum parameter set for the CBL
  4.4.2 A parameter set for ocean runs

4.5 Data analysis and visualization

4.5.1 NetCDF data output
Plots of vertical profiles with profil
4.5.3 Plots of time series with profil
4.5.4 Plots of 2D cross sections with iso2d
4.5.5 Plots of 3D volume data with AVS
4.5.6 Plots of compressed 3D volume data with AVS
4.5.7 Plots of isosurfaces, 2D cross sections and particles with dvrp

4.6 Listing of the steering parameters in alphabetical  order

5.0 Installation of the model

5.1 Installation of new / other versions, version update

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