1.0 Introduction

This documentation wants to give assistance how to carry out runs with the large eddy simulation model PALM. It contains instructions for the installation of the model (chapter 5.0), for the practical execution of application runs (chapter 3.0) and for the steering of the model by parameters (chapter 4.0). New users should first of all read chapters 2.0 and 3.0 (up to and including 3.5).

This documentation does not explain the mathematical, numerical and physical background of large eddy simulation models and it also does not provide appropriate meteorological background knowledge. Good knowledge concerning this is presupposed and is indispensable for a successful application of the model. In addition to this, knowledge of the operating system Unix, the Queueing System (NQS, PBS, Load Leveler, etc.) to generate batch jobs, the basic functionality of parallel computers and the programming language FORTRAN90 (particularly, if code extensions are to be written by the user) are presupposed. Programming user-defined software usually requires exact knowledge of the internal model structure. First insight herein is given in chapter 2.0 and in the technical/numerical documentation. The information obtained there is usually not sufficient and has to be accompanied by detailed study of the source code of the model. Additional experience in parallel programming with the message passing interface (MPI) maybe presupposed.

A documentation lives on criticism and suggestions by users. This is expressly requested. Please contact  the PALM group (see members). The model documentation is regularly maintained and brought up-to-date by the PALM group. The date of the last code revision is specified at the top of the table of contents of this documentation.

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