5.1 Installation of new versions

The PALM developer group announces code revisions within the technical/numerical documentation. Users can carry out version updates by changing into the working directory ~/palm/current_version/SOURCE and entering

This updates all source code files.

Note: if the user should have changed this source code, then these changes are certainly lost! This is one reason why modifications of the basic source code should be omitted and be restricted to the user-interface only (see chapter 3.5).

After updating the source code the pre-compiled code must be updated via

on the IBM-Regatta "hanni" of the HLRN or via


on all remote hosts listed in the configuration file .mrun.config.

As a last step, a suitable test run should be carried out. It should be carefully examined whether and how the results created by the new version differ from those of the old version. Possible discrepancies which go beyond the ones announced in the technical/numerical documentation should be communicated as soon as possible to the PALM developer group.

 Last change: 20/04/05 (SR)