4.3 User-defined parameters

Parameter name




data_output_userC * 10 (100)100 * ' 'User defined quantities for which 2d cross section and/or 3d volume data are to be output.

Beside the PALM standard output quantities (which can be selected via parameter data_output), the user can define (without any restriction) additional output quantities (e.g. the temperature variance, etc.). Each of these quantities has to be given a unique identifier (string) which must be different from the strings defining the standard output quantities (see list from the description of data_output). Data output can be switched on by assigning the respective strings to data_output_user.

The user has to calculate/provide the respective data array(s) by appropriately extending the user interface (see 3.5.4).

For further steering of the user defined output (output times, cross section levels, time averaging, etc.), the steering parameters for data_output apply accordingly.

If the user defined output quantity is the temperature variance and if the user has chosen the string 'pt2' as an identifier for this quantity, then output of horizontal cross sections can be selected by assigning data_output_user = 'pt2_xy'.


C*40 (0:9)


Name(s) of the subdomain(s) defined by the user. 

With this variable, names can be assigned to the subsections defined by the user (see statistic_regions) which afterwards appear in the headers of the respective files (PLOT1D_DATA, PLOTTS_DATA) and within the respective plots. Up to 9 subdomains are allowed (region (1) to region (9)), the total domain has the index 0 (region (0)).


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