Jul 9, 2019 6:04:41 PM (2 years ago)

Implementation of a monotonic flux limiter for vertical advection term in Wicker-Skamarock scheme. The flux limiter is currently only applied for passive scalars (passive scalar, chemical species, aerosols) within the region up to the highest topography, in order to avoid the built-up of large concentrations within poorly resolved cavities in urban environments. To enable the limiter monotonic_limiter_z = .T. must be set. Note, the limiter is currently only implemented for the cache-optimized version of advec_ws. Further changes in offline nesting: Set boundary condition for w at nzt+1 at all lateral boundaries (even though these won't enter the numerical solution), in order to avoid high vertical velocities in the run-control file which might built-up due to the mass-conservation; bugfix in offline nesting for chemical species

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  • palm/trunk/SOURCE/prognostic_equations.f90

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    2525! -----------------
    2626! $Id$
     27! Application of monotonic flux limiter for the vertical scalar advection
     28! up to the topography top (only for the cache-optimized version at the
     29! moment). Please note, at the moment the limiter is only applied for passive
     30! scalars.
     32! 4048 2019-06-21 21:00:21Z knoop
    2733! Moved tcm_prognostic_equations to module_interface
    419425               humidity, intermediate_timestep_count,                          &
    420426               intermediate_timestep_count_max, large_scale_forcing,           &
    421                large_scale_subsidence, neutral, nudging,                       &
     427               large_scale_subsidence,                                         &
     428               monotonic_limiter_z,                                            &
     429               neutral, nudging,                                               &
    422430               ocean_mode, passive_scalar, plant_canopy, pt_reference,         &
    423431               scalar_advec, scalar_advec, simulated_time, sloping_surface,    &
    978986             THEN
    979987                IF ( ws_scheme_sca )  THEN
     989!--                For scalar advection apply monotonic flux limiter near
     990!--                topography.
    980991                   CALL advec_s_ws( i, j, s, 's', flux_s_s, &
    981                                 diss_s_s, flux_l_s, diss_l_s, i_omp_start, tn )
     992                                    diss_s_s, flux_l_s, diss_l_s, i_omp_start, &
     993                                    tn, monotonic_limiter_z )
    982994                ELSE
    983995                   CALL advec_s_pw( i, j, s )
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