Apr 5, 2019 9:01:56 AM (3 years ago)

major changes in salsa: data input, format and performance

  • Time-dependent emissions enabled: lod=1 for yearly PM emissions that are normalised depending on the time, and lod=2 for preprocessed emissions (similar to the chemistry module).
  • Additionally, 'uniform' emissions allowed. This emission is set constant on all horisontal upward facing surfaces and it is created based on parameters surface_aerosol_flux, aerosol_flux_dpg/sigmag/mass_fracs_a/mass_fracs_b.
  • All emissions are now implemented as surface fluxes! No 3D sources anymore.
  • Update the emission information by calling salsa_emission_update if skip_time_do_salsa >= time_since_reference_point and next_aero_emission_update <= time_since_reference_point
  • Aerosol background concentrations read from PIDS_DYNAMIC. The vertical grid must match the one applied in the model.
  • Gas emissions and background concentrations can be also read in in salsa_mod if the chemistry module is not applied.
  • In deposition, information on the land use type can be now imported from the land use model
  • Use SI units in PARIN, i.e. n_lognorm given in #/m3 and dpg in metres.
  • Apply 100 character line limit
  • Change all variable names from capital to lowercase letter
  • Change real exponents to integer if possible. If not, precalculate the value of exponent
  • Rename in1a to start_subrange_1a, fn2a to end_subrange_1a etc.
  • Rename nbins --> nbins_aerosol, ncc_tot --> ncomponents_mass and ngast --> ngases_salsa
  • Rename ibc to index_bc, idu to index_du etc.
  • Renamed loop indices b, c and sg to ib, ic and ig
  • run_salsa subroutine removed
  • Corrected a bud in salsa_driver: falsely applied ino instead of inh
  • Call salsa_tendency within salsa_prognostic_equations which is called in module_interface_mod instead of prognostic_equations_mod
  • Removed tailing white spaces and unused variables
  • Change error message to start by PA instead of SA
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  • palm/trunk/SOURCE/module_interface.f90

    r3840 r3864  
    2525! -----------------
    2626! $Id$
     27! Add a call for salsa_prognostic_equations
     29! 3840 2019-03-29 10:35:52Z knoop
    2730! bugfix: intent of dummy arguments changed to inout
    280283               salsa_init,                                                     &
    281284               salsa_header,                                                   &
     285               salsa_prognostic_equations,                                     &
    282286               salsa_swap_timelevel,                                           &
    283287               salsa_3d_data_averaging,                                        &
    909913    IF ( gust_module_enabled )  CALL gust_prognostic_equations()
    910914    IF ( ocean_mode          )  CALL ocean_prognostic_equations()
     915    IF ( salsa               )  CALL salsa_prognostic_equations()
    930935    IF ( gust_module_enabled )  CALL gust_prognostic_equations( i, j, i_omp_start, tn )
    931936    IF ( ocean_mode          )  CALL ocean_prognostic_equations( i, j, i_omp_start, tn )
     937    IF ( salsa               )  CALL salsa_prognostic_equations( i, j, i_omp_start, tn )
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