Jul 27, 2018 1:36:03 PM (3 years ago)

New Inifor features: grid stretching, improved command-interface, support start dates in different formats in both YYYYMMDD and YYYYMMDDHH, Ability to manually control input file prefixes (--radiation-prefix, --soil-preifx, --flow-prefix, --soilmoisture-prefix) for compatiblity with DWD forcast naming scheme; GNU-style short and long option; Prepared output of large-scale forcing profiles (no computation yet); Added preprocessor flag netcdf4 to switch output format between netCDF 3 and 4; Updated netCDF variable names and attributes to comply with PIDS v1.9; Inifor bugfixes: Improved compatibility with older Intel Intel compilers by avoiding implicit array allocation; Added origin_lon/_lat values and correct reference time in dynamic driver global attributes; corresponding PALM changes: adjustments to revised Inifor; variables names in dynamic driver adjusted; enable geostrophic forcing also in offline nested mode; variable names in LES-LES and COSMO offline nesting changed; lateral boundary flags for nesting, in- and outflow conditions renamed

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  • palm/trunk/SOURCE/palm.f90

    r2977 r3182  
    238238    USE control_parameters,                                                    &
    239239        ONLY:  air_chemistry,                                                  &
    240                cloud_physics, constant_diffusion, coupling_char, coupling_mode,&
     240               cloud_physics, constant_diffusion, child_domain, coupling_char, &
     241               coupling_mode,                                                  &
    241242               do2d_at_begin, do3d_at_begin, humidity, initializing_actions,   &
    242243               io_blocks, io_group, large_scale_forcing,                       &
    243244               message_string, microphysics_morrison, microphysics_seifert,    &
    244                nest_domain, neutral, nudging, passive_scalar, runnr,           &
     245               neutral, nudging, passive_scalar, runnr,                        &
    245246               simulated_time, simulated_time_chr, spinup,                     &
    246247               time_since_reference_point,                                     &
    429430!--    Exchange_horiz is needed after the nest initialization
    430           IF ( nest_domain )  THEN
     431          IF ( child_domain )  THEN
    431432             CALL exchange_horiz( u, nbgp )
    432433             CALL exchange_horiz( v, nbgp )
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