Oct 5, 2007 5:13:14 AM (14 years ago)

Allows runs for a coupled atmosphere-ocean LES,
coupling frequency is controlled by new d3par-parameter dt_coupling,
the coupling mode (atmosphere_to_ocean or ocean_to_atmosphere) for the
respective processes is read from environment variable coupling_mode,
which is set by the mpiexec-command,
communication between the two models is done using the intercommunicator
local files opened by the ocean model get the additional suffic "_O".
Assume saturation at k=nzb_s_inner(j,i) for atmosphere coupled to ocean.

A momentum flux can be set as top boundary condition using the new
inipar parameter top_momentumflux_u|v.

Non-cyclic boundary conditions can be used along all horizontal directions.

Quantities w*p* and w"e can be output as vertical profiles.

Initial profiles are reset to constant profiles in case that initializing_actions /= 'set_constant_profiles'. (init_rankine)

Optionally calculate km and kh from initial TKE e_init.


Remaining variables iran changed to iran_part (advec_particles, init_particles).

In case that the presure solver is not called for every Runge-Kutta substep
(call_psolver_at_all_substeps = .F.), it is called after the first substep
instead of the last. In that case, random perturbations are also added to the
velocity field after the first substep.

Initialization of km,kh = 0.00001 for ocean = .T. (for ocean = .F. it remains 0.01).

Allow data_output_pr= q, wq, w"q", w*q* for humidity = .T. (instead of cloud_physics = .T.).


Bugs from code parts for non-cyclic boundary conditions are removed: loops for
u and v are starting from index nxlu, nysv, respectively. The radiation boundary
condition is used for every Runge-Kutta substep. Velocity phase speeds for
the radiation boundary conditions are calculated for the first Runge-Kutta
substep only and reused for the further substeps. New arrays c_u, c_v, and c_w
are defined for this purpose. Several index errors are removed from the
radiation boundary condition code parts. Upper bounds for calculating
u_0 and v_0 (in production_e) are nxr+1 and nyn+1 because otherwise these
values are not available in case of non-cyclic boundary conditions.

+dots_num_palm in module user, +module netcdf_control in user_init (both in user_interface)

Bugfix: wrong sign removed from the buoyancy production term in the case use_reference = .T. (production_e)

Bugfix: Error message concerning output of particle concentration (pc) modified (check_parameters).

Bugfix: Rayleigh damping for ocean fixed.

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    916! Flux initialization in case of coupled runs, +momentum fluxes at top boundary,
    1017! +arrays for phase speed c_u, c_v, c_w, indices for u|v|w_m_l|r changed
    1118! +qswst_remote in case of atmosphere model with humidity coupled to ocean
    12 ! Rayleigh damping for ocean
    13 ! optionally calculate km and kh from initial TKE e_init
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     19! Rayleigh damping for ocean, optionally calculate km and kh from initial
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