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  • Bugfixes for nonparallel execution
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[206]3Restart runs on SGI-ICE are working (mrun).
42d-decomposition is default on SGI-ICE systems. (init_pegrid)
[206]6Ocean-atmosphere coupling realized with MPI-1. mrun adjusted for this case
7(-Y option). Adjustments in mrun, mbuild, and subjob for lcxt4.
[211]9DVRP arguments changed to single precision, mode pathlines added.
[221]11User can add additional routines in files user_additional_routines
[217]13User can check user parameters and deduce further quantities in user_check_parameters
[222]15Check that PALM is called with mrun -K parallel for coupling
[211]17check_for_restart, check_parameters, data_output_dvrp, init_dvrp, init_pegrid, local_stop, modules, package_parin, palm, surface_coupler, timestep, user_additional_routines
[206]18Makefile, mrun, mbuild, subjob
[217]20New: init_coupling, user_check_parameters
[211]25User interface has been split into single files.
[216]27Reading mechanism from restart files completely revised. The subdomain/total
28domain size can vary arbitrarily between current and previous run.
29(read_var_list, read_3d_binary, user_read_restart_data)
[215]31Precompilation mechanism (mbuild) completely revised: the source tarfile remains in
32the source directory. One depository per block (given in the config-file) is
33created. Always all files from the source directory are copied to the respective
34depository. No additional file checks are done any more (version 2.1). The
35depository name used contains the conditions given by mrun-option "-K".
36(mbuild, mrun)
[213]38Output messages (including required stop of execution) can now be handled with
39the new subroutine handle_palm_message. All output messages will be replaced
40by this routine step by step within the next revisions.
[216]42Neumann boundary condition at k=nzb is explicitly set for better reading,
43although this has been already done in boundary_conds. (advec_s_bc)
[216]45Origin of the xy-coordinate system shifted from the center of the first
46grid cell (indices i=0, j=0) to the south-left corner of this cell. (netcdf)
[217]48Topography definition according to new user parameter topography_grid_convention
49(init_grid, modules, user_header, user_init_grid, user_parin)
[216]51Makefile, mbuild, mrun, advec_s_bc, check_parameters, local_stop, modules, netcdf, read_var_list, read_3d_binary, user_read_restart_data
[213]53New: handle_palm_message, user_3d_data_averaging user_actions user_advec_particles user_check_data_output user_check_data_output_pr user_data_output_2d user_data_output_3d user_data_output_dvrp user_define_netcdf_grid user_dvrp_coltab user_header user_init user_init_3d_model user_init_grid user_init_particles user_init_plant_canopy user_last_actions user_module user_parin user_particle_attributes user_read_restart_data user_spectra user_statistics
[211]55Removed: user_interface
[222]61Bugfixes for nonparallel execution (check_for_restart, cpu_statistics, inflow_turbulence, init_coupling, timestep)
[210]63Size of pf3d adjusted to the required output size (1 gridpoint less, along
64all three dimensions), because output of a subset of the data
65(pf3d(nxa:nxe...) in the NF90_PUT_VAR statement caused segmentation fault
66with the INTEL compiler. (combine_plot_fields)
[206]68Bugfix: error in zu index in case of section_xy = -1 (header)
[209]70Inconsistency removed: as the thermal stratification is not taken into account for the evaluation of the wall
71fluxes at vertical walls, the eddy viscosity km must not be used for the evaluation of the velocity gradients dudy,
72dwdy, dvdx and dwdx. (production_e)
[212]74Bugfix in calculating k index in case of oceans runs. (sort_particles)
[215]76Bugfix: zero output of particle concentration and radius unless particles
77have been started (data_output_2d)
[216]79Bugfix: reading of spectrum_x|y from restart files ignored if total numbers
80of grid points do not match (read_3d_binary)
[221]82Bugfix: abort in case that absolute temperature is below zero (init_cloud_physics)
[222]84advec_particles, check_for_restart, combine_plot_fields, cpu_statistics, data_output_2d, header, inflow_turbulence, init_cloud_physics, init_coupling, production_e, read_3d_binary, timestep
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