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31. Purpose
4   This example shows the application of enhanced actuator disc wind turbine models in PALM
5   The model is based on blade elements and conversion of airfoil lift
6   and drag coefficients from the NREL 5MW reference turbine (see Jonkman et al. 2009:
7   Technical Report NREL/TP-500-38060, doi:10.2172/947422) to local forces on the flow.
8   The example simulates 4 different turbines in laminar flow that correct their orientation
9   after 30s of simulated time by use of a yaw controller.
112. PALM-Version / SVN Revision
12   PALM 4.0 / SVN Revision 1912
143. Required user code
15   No user code is required
174. Input:
18   example_wtm_p3d: Cyclic lateral boundary conditions are used. The 3d-model is initialized with
19                    constant temperature and constant laminar flow.
20   example_wtm_wtm: The property file of the NREL 5MW model turbine has also to be copied to the
21                    local INPUT folder, it will be automatically read by PALM
235. Preprocessing
24   No preprocessing is required.
266. Program start
27   Modifications to .mrun.config:
28   If you don't use the default .mrun.config-files in trunk/SCRIPTS/ you will have to add the
29   following lines in your .mrun.config file:
30   In "List of input-files":
31   WTM_DATA               in:locopt     d3#:d3f  $base_data/$fname/INPUT     _wtm
32   In "List of output-files":
33   TURBINE_PARAMETERS01   out:loc:tr    d3#:d3f   $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _turbine_parameters01
34   TURBINE_PARAMETERS02   out:loc:tr    d3#:d3f   $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _turbine_parameters02
35   TURBINE_PARAMETERS03   out:loc:tr    d3#:d3f   $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _turbine_parameters03
36   TURBINE_PARAMETERS04   out:loc:tr    d3#:d3f   $base_data/$fname/MONITORING  _turbine_parameters04
38   mrun call (example for lccrayh):
39   mrun -d example_wtm -h lccrayh -K parallel -X 64 -T 24 -t 2000 -q mpp1testq -r "d3# ts# ma#"
417. Monitoring:
42   example_wtm_rc and TURBINE_PARAMETERS01 should be equal to the attached files when run at
43   Cray System of HLRN Berlin. For other systems the deviations should be small.
458. Postprocessing
46   No postprocessing of the data is required.
489. List of attachments
49   example_wtm_p3d
50   example_wtm_wtm
51   lccrayb_example_wtm_rc
52   lccrayb_example_wtm_turbine_parameters01
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